Full Name : Naznin Akter Happy
Birth Place : Khulna - Bangladesh
Birth Date : 29 February, 1996
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Residence : Dhaka
Occupation : Model and Actress
Religion : Islam
Boyfriend : Rubel Hossain

BD Model Naznin Akter Happy Bangladeshi Film Actress Biography with Movie Photos

About Naznin Akter Happy : Happy is a Bangladeshi gifted actress who comes to the limelight once filed a rape case against Bangladeshi cricketer Rubel Hossain. The attractive actress Happy created her debut within the Dhallywood movie industry with the film Kichu Asha Kichu Valobasha. She played a minor role in this film however she got popularity for this film. She becomes a idol to the young generation within a brief period for her attractive look within the silver screen.

Early Life of Naznin Akter Happy : Happy was born on 29th February 1996 in Bangladesh, Khulna. He was dreamed to be an actress from her childhood although her family didn't like these sorts of profession. She didn't give up her own interest and become a well-liked actress within the Dhallywood industry. She got various help from known actress Shabnur and Moushumi to create up a career in the movie industry.

Career of Naznin Akter Happy : Happy is a fashionable film actress in bd who comes to the movie industry for her early curiosity. For her pretty look, she is able to draw in the director’s attention and obtain lots of work in the industry. She was landed for the film Annorokom and Realman these movies get popularity round the country. She is incredibly much popular to the young generation for her beauty. The talented actress currently also works for numerous TV commercials.

Personal Life of Naznin Akter Happy : Happy come back to limelight over a night once she filed a rape case against Bangladeshi famed cricketer Rubel Hossain. The scandal becomes the talk of the country within terribly short time. She claimed that Rubel builds up an illicit relationship with her promising to marry, however now rubel reneged any swear. On the opposite hand, Rubel Hossain has consistently refused the allegation of rape. However, Happy withdraw her allegation once the match-winning performance of Rubel Hossain against England in 2015 World Cup. Naznin married to a Madrassa teacher on 17 September, 2016 in secret.

Full Name : Umme Ahmed Shishir
Birth Place : Narayanganj - Bangladesh
Birth Date :1989
Occupation : Software Engineer
Education : Minnesota University
Religion : Islam
Spouse (s) : Shakib Al Hasan

Umme Ahmed Shishir

About Umme Ahmed Shishir : Shishir is currently a public figure if though she isn't an actress or professional model. She is the wife of cricketer Shakib Al Hasan, the best cricketer of bangladesh team. Shishir is the dream lady of many young generations; a newspaper survey showed that she is one amongst the expected ladies to the young generation of bd.

Early Life and Education of Umme Ahmed Shishir : Shishir was born on 1989 in Bangladesh, Narayanganj. She passed her childhood in Narayanganj with family. She has 5 brothers and a sister. Her father Mamataj Ahmed was an worker of Agrani Bank. In 1998 her stepmother and father moved to the US with the DV lottery once she was only eight years old. Shishir’s step mother got this lottery, 2 years later she went to America. She completed graduation from America Minnesota University. Shishir is a software engineer.

Modeling Career of Umme Ahmed Shishir : Cute shishir got numerous offers for modeling, however she didn't agree with these offers. Finally, she has appeared on the tv screen in a tv commercial of banglalink. During this TVC she acted with her husband Shakib Al Hasan. Her acted TVC for banglalink has created viral within the social media. If her husband Shakib desires she will continue in modeling, so a brand new model is emerging within the country. Shishir is one of the desired ladies in the country of the young generation for her attractive look.

Personal Life of Umme Ahmed Shishir : During her student life, Shishir went to England for visiting and dramatically that was the time Shakib Al Hasan already stayed in England for County Cricket League in year of 2010. However they met each other and fall in love and continue their love relation for almost 3 years in silent mode. The couple married on the magic special date 12-12-12 at a five star hotel. She gives birth a girl on Eight November, 2015 within the US. Shishir remarked to the Bangladeshi actress Mehjabin Chowdhury as twin sisters for similarities in their look.

Full Name : Ashraful Alom
Birth Place : Bogra - Bangladesh
Nickname : Hero Alom
Occupation : Businessman, Model
Spouse (s) : Sumi
Years Active : 2008 (Present)
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Religion : Islam

Hero Ashraful Alom

About Hero Alom : What an impact on the social media in Bangladesh - Hero Alom is that the man who has created a terrific impact on the social media like Facebook and YouTube. The local actor touched massive attention of the mainstream media of the country through usual modeling. he's not big celebrity one within the country either comes from humble background magically able to won the heart of local folks through simplicity performance. His full name is Ashraful Alom.

Early Life of Hero Alom : Ashraful Alom was born at Eruliya, Bogra, Bangladesh. He was born in a poor family and raise up to adoptive father Abdur Razzak. The family handed over Hero Alom to Abdur Razzak because of poverty. Alom studied at a village school till class seven then he landed in work to support the family. He begined CD cassette business before start cable network business in his own village. Alom was so much affectionate concerning media arena from babyhood. He always dreams off to be an actor. Finally, he turned his dream into true by the own method.

Career of Hero Alom : Ashraful Alom used to sell CD once and would to income handsome cash through cable network business. He kicked off the journey within the media arena by acting in the music video. He already has created over 5 hundred music video. Actually, he establishes his own trend within the industry and gets more popularity on the social media. Alom’s music video widely amused his own village folks and spreads his name round the country from the village. currently he's the well known face within the country. Alom predominately performs in the existing common Hindi and Bangla song.

Personal Life of Hero Alom : Ashraful Alom tied a knot with Sumi, she is village woman who passed SSC. The couple has 2 kids a son Abir and a girl Alo. They lead a really happy family life.

Full Name : Mohammad Omar Sunny
Birth Place : Khulna - Bangladesh
Birth Date : 6 May, 1969
Occupation: Actor
Height : 6 Feet
Years Active : 1990-1999, 2013 (Present)
Religion : Islam
Spouse (s) : Moushumi
Zodiac Sign : Taurus

Omar Sunny Bangladeshi Film Actor Biography with Movie Photos

About Omar Sunny : Omar is a Bangladeshi common film actor who established his talent by his tremendous acting performance. in the early of career, he struggled enough to determine himself within the movie industry of bd. Sunny used to play role as hero in the film in early career, currently he appeared on the large screen for the negative role. He proved his capability also in the negative character like as hero.

Early Life of Omar Sunny : Sunny was born on may six, 1969, in Khulna. He was born in a film loving family some relative established their career within the movie industry that he has seen very closely. Bangladeshi well-liked film actress Bobita, Shuchanda and Champa are his aunts also as actor Riaz his uncle. Sunny was so much hard worker and a serious guy regarding acting. He dreamed off to be an actor from babyhood eventually turned himself into a number one film actor of bangladesh.

Career of Omar Sunny : Sunny kicked off the journey in the film industry with the film Chander Alo in 1990 and showed a terrific performance within the debut film and never looked back in a career. Then he acted within the film Prem Protishodh in 1993. in the same year, Sunny performed in the film Ke Oporadhi. That was the time in the Dhallywood movie industry, the combine of Shabnur - Salman Shah and Omar Sunny - Moushumi were so much popular to the audience. Following they, he created a career breakthrough performance in the film Dola with co actress his spouse Moushumi. The film Dola created a fierce stir enough within the Dhallywood box office and also the couple got positive acclamation from the critics and audience. In 1997 Sunny showed off a terrific acting performance within the movie Coolie. Then he acted within the popular film Lat Shaheber Meya. once thirteen years break, Omar Sunny comes back in the movie industry with the movie Ora Dalal however as a Villain, not a hero. He also showed off a terrific performance within the negative role. Sunny is extremely aspired to return back in the movie industry as the hero losing fat from the body. the good looking actor told in a TV show Misha Sawdagor is my best friend.

Personal Life of Omar Sunny : Sunny proposed a popular film actress Moushumi throughout the cinematography Dola in the Dhallywood industry. at first refused Sunny’s proposal eventually he stopped talking to Moushumi. Late the actress agreed with the hero’s proposal in real life. They married one another on August Two, 1996 after a cheerful courtship; actually they're happiest celebrity couple within the Dhallywood industry. They have a son Fardin Ehsan Shadin and a girl Faiza.

Full Name : Eamin Haque Bobby
Birth Place : Dhaka - Bangladesh
Birth Date : 18, August 1987
Occupation : Actress
Years Active : 2010 (Present)
Zodiac Sign : Leo
Religion : Islam

Eamin Haque Bobby Bangladeshi Film Actress Biography with Photos

About Eamin Haque Bobby : Bobby is a Bangladeshi well known and beautiful film actress. Bobby has got a lot of popularity round the country for her good looking appearance within the silver screen. She is the player of Dhallywood movie industry who came to the limelight with the film Dehorokkhi in 2013. Nowadays, she is the most demandable actress in the Dhallywood movie industry for her glorious performance within the showbiz arena. Furthermore, she is one of the foremost fashionable female actresses in bd.

Early Life of Eamin Haque Bobby : Bobby was born on August Eighteen, 1987 in Dhaka, to mother Viqarunnesa Haque and father K M Enamul Haque. She was raised in Dhaka. Bobby was very much curious about showbiz arena from her babyhood. She attended in Monipur High School and completed SSC (Secondary School Certificate) from this school. Then she admitted Adamjee Cantonment College and completed her HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate). Bobby enrolled in Eastern University of Dhaka and received her degree in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). Bobby is one of the best educated film actresses in the history of Dhallywood movie industry.

Career of Eamin Haque Bobby : Bobby is a Bangladeshi great looking film actress who started a career with the modeling in showbiz arena. Bobby created her debut in the Dhallywood movie industry with the film Khoj The Search in 2010 then she came to timeline within a really short time for acting in film Dehorokkhi directed by Iftakar Chowdhury that was released in 2013. The film hit the box office. In the same year, she acted within the film Full and Final with co actor Shakib Khan then Bobby acted within the Bangladeshi booming film, Inchi Inchi Prem with co actor Bappy Chowdhury. In 2015 she showed her terrific performance in the film Blackmail.

Full Name : Mahiya Mahi
Birth Place : Rajshahi (Bangladesh)
Birth Date : 27th, October, 1993
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Residence : Dhaka
Occupation : Film Actress
Years Active : 2012 (Present)
Husband : Mahmud Pervez Opu
Religion : Islam

Mahiya Mahi Bangladeshi Film Actress Biography with Photos

About Mahiya Mahi : Mahi is a famous film actress in Bangladesh who expands popularity extraordinarily within a short time in showbiz arena. She comes in the movie industry with acting in her debut film Balobashar Rong at the first of his age. She is now well known, popular, dream and heartthrob woman to the young generation within the country.

Early Life of Mahiya Mahi : Mahi was born on Twenty Seven October, 1993 in Rajshahi wherever she passed her childhood. She joined Uttara high school and college and passed SSC (Secondary School Certificate) with GPA five. Then she enrolled at Dhaka city college and completed HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) with also GPA five (golden). Currently she is studying fashion designing subject at the University of Shanto Mariam Creative Technology. Undoubtedly, she is a brilliant student beside a superb film actress.

Career of Mahiya Mahi : Originally Mahi had no intention to become a movie actress however she wanted to be a doctor seriously. However, she was fascinated regarding modeling that’s why she had a photograph shoot which was submitted in Jaaz Multimedia via her classmate. Dramatically, Jaaz select her as a newcomer face within the Dhallywood industry. Then Jaaz called her for their country 1st digital film Balobashar Rong. in this movie, she showed her terrific performance that attracts seriously everybody. Followed by she acted in Onnorokom Balobasha, Poramon, Balobasha Aj Kal, Tobuo Balobashi. Among this film, she showed her fantastic performance within the Poramon. now she is a commercially successful film actress within the country and director have to pay the best rate for a film in the history of the country movie industry. She takes one million takas for per film that has broken all the previous records. Even Shabnur, Moushumi, Apu Biswas and Purnima did not get such a highest rate.

Personal Life of Mahiya Mhai : Mhai tied a knot with a businessperson from Sylhet on May Twelve, 2016. Her husband name is Mahmud Pervez Opu, they both married in a family occasion at Uttara Residence and later Mahi exposes this breaking news by uploading a marriage image on social media. She is extremely much pleased with her husband who is kind normal and hearted man. After wedding, Mahi’s ex friend Shahriar Islam Saon uploaded some intimate picture with Mahi on the social media. Saon’s claim Mahi is his wife, they married May Fifteen, 2015 however Mahi refused the accusation. She filled a case against Saon in ICT law for the uploading intimate photograph on Facebook. Later, 2 families settle down the dispute between Mahi and Saon by signing an agreement.

Awards of Mahiya Mahi : Mahi nominated for best female heroine category in Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the movie Onnorokom Balobasha.

Sapphire NITRO Radeon RX 460 Features

Sapphire RX 460 - AMD RX 460
896 Stream Processors with 4GB
GDDR5 with 128bit
OpenGLv4.5 and DirectXv12

Sapphire NITRO Radeon RX 460 Images, Photos and Pictures
Sapphire NITRO Radeon RX 460 DDR5 DP OC 2/4GB Graphics Card BD Price in Bangladesh
Sapphire NITRO Radeon RX 460 Full Specification

Brand Name : Sapphire
Model No : Sapphire RX 460
Interface : PCI Express v3.0
Chip-set : 896 Stream Processors
GPU Clock Speed : 1250MHz
Memory : 2/4GB
Memory Clock :1750MHz
Memory Bus : 128bit
Memory Type : GDDR5
Resolution Max : 3840 x 2160
Open GL Support : v4.5 
DirectX Support : v12 
HDMI Port : 1xHDMI v2.0b 
DVI Port : 1x DVI-D-DL
Power Supply Requirement : 450 Watts
Warranty : Two Years

Sapphire NITRO Radeon RX 460 Price in BD

2GB Price : BDT 10,500 TK Only (Updated on January, 2017)
4GB Price : BDT 14,400 TK Only (Updated on January, 2017)

Full Name : Soumya Sarkar
Birth Place : Satkhira - Bangladesh
Birth Date : 25th February, 1993
Occupation : Cricketer
Height : Five Feet Ten Inches
Playing Role : All Rounder
Bowling Style : Right Arm Medium Fast
Batting Style : Left Handed
Zodiac Sign : N/A
Religion : Hinduism

Soumya Sarkar Bangladeshi Cricketer Biography with Photos

About Soumya Sarkar : Soumya Sarkar is a Bangladeshi cricketer who knocked a maiden ton against Pakistan within the last match of 3 match ODI series on 23 April, 2015. Now, he's the vital player of Bangladesh Cricket Team who frequently opens with Tamim Iqbal. Already, he established his capability as a successful opener wherever BD Team would often face trouble. Soumya Sarkar is a Bangladeshi successful all all rounder with left handed batting style and right handed arm medium quick blowing style.

Early Life of Soumya Sarkar : Soumya Sarkar was born on Twenty Five February 1993, in Satkhira (Bangladesh). Kishori Mohan Sarkar is his father. Like other Bangladeshi successful cricketer, he studied BKSP wherever he learned better cricket. He took part within the under nineteen world cup in 2012 and showed terrific performance during this tournament. In his childhood, Soumya Sarkar wanted to be a teacher however fortunately, he build up a career within the cricket world.

Career of Soumya Sarkar : Soumya Sarkar is now an incredible cricketer among the tiger cricket arena who created his debut within the one day international cricket against Zimbabwe on 01 December, 2014. Within terribly short time, he becomes a vital part of BD Cricket Team and turns himself into a rising star round the cricket world. Soumya Sarkar is a impressive cricketer who wonderfully done well in 2015 world cup Cricket. When world cup in home series, he has created a maiden hundred against Pakistan in Mirpur. At present, he's a successful top order batsman for Bangladesh Cricket Team.